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CenTiRe Announces the Completion of Tire Testing Research Project

 CenTiRe is proud to announce the completion of research project 3D Printed Smart Tires for Health Monitoring.

CenTiRe Announces the Completion of Sustainability Research Project

 CenTiRe is proud to announce the completion of research project Enhanced Crystallinity of Recycled PET Materials.

CenTiRe Announces Leadership Change at the University of Akron

 CenTiRe leadership team member Dr Josh Wong, Site Director at the University of Akron, is resigning from University of Akron effective September 1, 2022, and is stepping down from his leadership role in CenTiRe.

CenTiRe Awards 2022 Industry Mentor of the Year

The CenTiRe team is proud to bestow the 2022 Industry Mentor of the Year award to Dr. Toshio Tada of the Sumitomo Rubber and Tire Company.

CenTiRe Returns to Live Industry Board Meetings

The CenTiRe Industry Advisory Board held its first live meeting in over two years, with the 2022 Spring IAB conference hosted at the German Club on the Virginia Tech campus in June.

CenTiRe Student Research Profile Series: Jomin Thomas

This is the first is a series of articles that will profile our talented students from University of Akron and Virginia Tech who are the researchers for active CenTiRe funded projects. This weeks’ article focuses on Jomin Thomas

CenTiRe Faculty News:  M. Shakiba Awarded NSF Career Development Award

The CenTiRe team congratulates professor Maryam Shakiba, one of our Virginia Tech faculty researchers, on being awarded the 2022 NSF Faculty Early Career Development award.

CenTiRe Awarded Phase III NSF / IUCRC 5-Year Grant

The CenTiRe team is proud to announce that our center has been awarded a 5-year grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF), as part of their Industry / University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) program.  

CenTiRe Bids Farewell to Our Long Time NSF Evaluator Dee Hoffman

Dee Hoffman, our NSF Evaluator, has been supporting CenTiRe since its inception nearly 10 years ago. Throughout her tenure, she has provided us with a great deal of administrative assistance, and personally participated in nearly every IAB member session. Early on, she was instrumental in guiding our leadership team through the NSF IUCRC grant requirements, and since has directly worked with industry members to identify improvement opportunities.


The CenTiRe Industry Advisory Board greatly appreciates the work performed by the students in their projects. As a part of recognizing this the IAB gives prizes based on their evaluation of the students’ presentations during the IAB meeting for technical content, presentation, and response to questions. Based on the evaluation tally the students are awarded company items donated by the industry members.