Center for Tire Research
An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


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CenTiRe is dedicated to providing first class technology development, research, and solutions to our members from the tire, vehicle, materials, testing, and road transportation companies and government agencies through modeling, testing, and demonstration of integrated solutions and systems.

The Center's Mission is:

  • To advance, develop and promote advancements in the principles and technology of materials science and tire and vehicle engineering through research, development, education, and technology exchange among academic, industry, and government entities
  • To increase the quantity and quality of the professionals prepared to work in the area through the Center's funded research, education, and exposure to industrial practices via mentorship and internship opportunities
  • To involve the faculty of the Center's university sites in research in areas of common interest to members and the universities
  • To perform research that will allow members to be competitive in the world economy