Center for Tire Research
An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center

CenTiRe is member driven in its research work and operation. The Center’s members work together to propose, select, fund, mentor, and share in the results of the research performed through the Center. This ensures results that are meaningful and transferrable to the member companies and agencies.

Members have representation on the Center’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB), which meets two times each year to review projects, propose and determine funding for projects, and provide oversight to the operations of the Center. There are also occasional online meetings with the IAB members to address important topics that require membership input and approval.

Members also have the option to provide mentorship to the research projects. Bi-monthly online update meetings are held, at which the faculty and students present the progress of the project and request input and assistance from the mentors. The mentors also can provide guidance and offer assistance where they feel it is needed. In the months in which an online meeting is not held, a written progress report is sent to the mentors.



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