Center for Tire Research
An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


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CenTiRe is a consortium of tire and tire-related industry members with two world-class universities.

CenTiRe conducts leading-edge, pre-competitive research in materials, tire physics (including modeling), testing, manufacturing, and sustainability at the two universities that is of interest and directed by the industry members.

The Center’s current industry members are global tire manufacturers, material suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, and test equipment and service suppliers. These members collectively provide direction and decisions on research and operation of the Center to produce results that are meaningful and transferable to the member companies.

The Center’s two university sites are Virginia Tech and the University of Akron. Virginia Tech is well known for its expertise in tire and vehicle mechanics and dynamics, road pavement characterization, simulation, and testing. The University of Akron is world-class in polymer science and polymer engineering. The two universities may also participate in other research topics as directed by our members. Faculty at the universities provide their technical expertise and guidance to the graduate student(s) performing the research, and interact with the industry members.

  • CenTiRe is dedicated to providing first class technology development, research, and solutions to our members from the tire, vehicle, materials, testing, and road transportation companies and government agencies through modeling,
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  • Participating in the Center for Tire Research as an industry or government agency member provides many benefits. Research, Collaboration and Oversight: Industry members collectively propose and select the research projects
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  • The Center for Tire Research (CenTiRe) is not made up of buildings and labs, although it makes use of these facilities in its work. CenTiRe is people – engineers, chemists, scientists,
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  • CenTiRe continues to seek and welcome new industry and government agency members to join with our existing members in its mission to conduct leading-edge, pre-competitive research. Membership is a cost-effective
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  • CenTiRe operates under a National Science Foundation (NSF) program called the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC). This program was set up by NSF in 1973 to strengthen university / industry collaborative
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