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CenTiRe Announces the Completion of Tire Materials Research Project 

CenTiRe is proud to announce the completion of the research project Rubber Lifetime Performance: Coupling Effects of Dynamic Aging and Wear.  This materials-focused project was directed by Virginia Tech faculty principal investigators Drs. Saied Taheri and Greg Liu, and we recognize the several VT student researchers (Waleed Alkandari, Vihang Mhatre, Sunish Vadakkeveetil, and most recently Alekh Kurup) for their hard work and dedication.  During this multi-year project duration, the research team did a great job in keeping the industry members apprised of their progress and the industry mentors provided invaluable guidance to the researchers.  The deliverables of this project, which includes a simulations model for tire aging predictions versus wear, and based on physical measurements, represent significant furthering of technical knowledge in this field. Many thanks to the research team for providing them, which are now available to CenTiRe industry members, via the website. 

The Center for Tire Research (CenTiRe) has long been recognized as a driving force behind cutting-edge research and development in the realm of tire technology. Its commitment to fostering innovation and excellence has resulted in numerous transformative projects, and this projects’ contribution stands as an example of this dedication.  Well done team!