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Celebrating Excellence: Congratulations to the Student Presentation Award Winners at the CenTiRe Fall 2023 Conference

In a showcase of dedication and outstanding research, the CenTiRe Fall Conference recently recognized and celebrated the brilliance of young minds in the field of tire- related research. The Student Presentation Awards, a highlight of the conference, served as a platform to honor those who have demonstrated exceptional presentation skills and a mastery of their subject matter. This year's winners have not only impressed their academic peers and industry mentors but have also contributed significantly to the advancement of knowledge within the tire industry.

The heart of any academic conference lies in the presentation of groundbreaking research, and this year's awardees did not disappoint. Their presentations reflected a deep understanding of the complexities of the tire industry, addressing challenges and proposing innovative solutions that garnered the attention and admiration of the conference attendees.

The winners, with IAB Chair Mike Andrews presenting the awards, are:

Fall 2023 Best Overall Presentation Winner

Best Overall Presentation: Kayla Williams-Pavlantos and Brennan Crawford – University of Akron


Fall 2023 Best Team Presentation Winner

Best Team Presentation: Sudharsan Parthasarathy & Amir Meshkati – Virginia Tech


Fall 2023 Best Individual Presentation Winner

Best Individual Project Presentation: Samara Islam Nishi - University of Akron

CenTiRe serves as a bridge between academia and industry, providing a unique space for students to showcase their research to professionals and experts in the field. The recognition received by these award-winning presentations not only validates the hard work put in by the students but also emphasizes the importance of collaboration between academia and industry in driving innovation.

These young researchers are not just contributors to the academic community; they are the future leaders and problem solvers who will shape the tire industry in the years to come. By fostering an environment where their work is not only acknowledged but celebrated, the CenTiRe conferences plays a pivotal role in encouraging these emerging talents to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible.