Center for Tire Research
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Industry Advisory Board

The research and operation of CenTiRe is guided by representative(s) designated by each of the industry member companies to serve on the Industry Advisory Board (IAB).  Acting as a consortium of members, the IAB meets twice yearly at the Center's university sites to collectively review projects, determine future research directions, select new projects and decide on funding, and provide input on Center practices and procedures.  Other meetings may be held online during the year to conduct specific business of the Center.  The IAB members also act as a conduit to facilitate the incorporation of the results and deliverables from the Center's research work into their respective companies.  The Center is grateful for the time, efforts and expertise provided by the IAB members, as this is critical for its success.

Philipp Schmidt- zum Berge
Continental Tires
Global Technology Center Hannover, Germany
Manager External R&D Co-operations
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+49 - 511 - 97635020