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The Road Profile Users Group (RPUG) is a technical organization made up people from federal and state highway departments and companies that are responsible for measurement and characterization of road surfaces. CenTiRe’s Managing Director has established a presence in RPUG to facilitate exchange of information since road surface properties such as friction and roughness also have importance in tire and vehicle performance.

RPUG recently held its annual conference. Several presentations of interest to the tire and vehicle companies were obtained:
* Keynote Address – Colorado Department of Transportation – Smart Roads
* 3D Texture Measurement
* Guidance to Predict and Mitigate Dynamic Hydroplaning on Roadways
* Exploring Pavement Texture - Friction Computing
* Pooled Fund - Improvement of Profile Measurement Quality
* Pooled Fund - Pavement Distress and Transverse Profile Measurement
* Pooled Fund - Pavement Surface Properties

This material has been uploaded to the Members Area of the CenTiRe website to be available to our industry members.