Center for Tire Research
An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


The CenTiRe Industry Advisory Board (IAB) held their Fall meeting October 5-6 in Akron, Ohio. This is one of two meetings held each year for representatives from the member companies to review projects and conduct the business of the Center.

The students gave updates of their project’s status via a short presentation and during discussions at a poster session. There was excellent interaction between the industry members, students, and faculty.

Main orders of business by the IAB members were:
* Review of Short Form proposals submitted by faculty and decision on which to ask for the submission of the Full Form proposal document.
* Initiation of the creation of a technical roadmap for future research to be conducted by the Center.
* Review of Center operating procedures and feedback to the Center directors.

We thank our industry members, faculty, and students for their excellent involvement, discussions, and guidance during this meeting.