Center for Tire Research
An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


The CenTiRe Industry Advisory Board (IAB) held their Spring meeting June 6-7 in Blacksburg, Virginia.  This is an important gathering of industry members, faculty, and students to review progress of the current projects, decide on project funding for the coming academic year, conduct business, and have times to socialize with one another.

Students presented their project’s progress and then continued the discussions with the IAB members during a poster session.  Several new project proposals were also presented and discussed at the poster session.

Several Center business items were discussed by the IAB and Center Directors, followed by voting by the IAB members.  A main item of business was the decision on project funding for the upcoming project year.  The use of an online survey program facilitated the voting, allowing voting even by members who were not able to attend the meeting.  All of the current projects scheduled to continue were voted for renewed funding.  Two new project proposals were also funded.

An NSF survey of the IAB members at the meeting provided valuable feedback to the Center directors, and will be used to enhance future meetings.

Thank-you to our industry members, faculty, and students for making this a great meeting.