Center for Tire Research
An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


Several students from CenTiRe funded projects have recently completed their degree programs and are joining the industry.  We offer them congratulations on a job well done and a wish for success in their careers.

Prashanta Gautam completed his Masters Degree program during this spring and has joined Bridgestone.  His thesis title was, “Investigation of air-borne noise generation mechanisms in tire noise”.


Tan Li recently defended his PhD dissertation entitled “Tire-Pavement Interaction Noise (TPIN) Modeling Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)”.  Tan will be joining Maxxis Tire.

Ipar Ferhat, a post-doc working in the project “Static and operational characterization of tires modal vibration with novel non-contact techniques”, has joined Hankook Tire.

Hamad Albehaijan defended M.S. thesis entitled, “Approaches to enhance filler-polymer interactions and cure properties of rubber compounds” and received M.S. degree in Polymer Engineering, in May.  He will return to work at SABIC.

Prasad Raut defended his Ph.D. dissertation entitled, “Towards the development of polymer compounds for energy storage devices and low energy loss applications” and receives his Ph.D. degree in Polymer Engineering in August.  Prasad will join Imerys Performance Minerals as senior engineer.