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Former CenTiRe project graduate student Boren Li recently completed the requirements for a PhD degree from Virginia Tech.  Boren worked on the CenTiRe project “A portable low-cost system for high-speed high-precision surface profiling (micro)” that completed in 2015.  This work was extended during his subsequent dissertation work “Photometric Stereo for Micro-scale Shape Reconstruction”.  A copy of his dissertation has been uploaded to the Final Report subfolder under the project in the Members Area of the website. Congratulations to Boren on obtaining his PhD degree. 

Boren Li

Meysam Khaleghian as recently defended his dissertation work on “The Application of Intelligent Tires and Model Based Estimation Algorithms in Tire-Road Contact Characterization” and earned his PhD degree from Virginia Tech.  Meysam has also been working on the NSF Clusters project on Intelligent Tires, a joint project involving CenTiRe, three other I/UCRC’s, and industry members.  He will continue his work on the Clusters project as a Post-Doc. Congratulations to Meysam on earning his PhD degree. 

Meysam Khaleghian and Anahita Emami at the June 2016 IAB Meeting. 

Prashanta Gautam successfully defended his Master's thesis, " Investigation of Air-borne Noise Generation Mechanisms in Tire Noise" on January 12th, 2017. His thesis is mostly based on the work he did with Dr. Chandy on the CenTiRe Project. 

He has accepted a position as Engineer II at Bridgestone. 

Congratulations to Prashanta on obtaining his Master's degree and a job at Bridgestone. 

Dr. Abhilash Chandy and Prashanta Gautam.