Center for Tire Research
An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


Four students recently completed both their CenTiRe funded projects and their PhD programs.  Three of the four are now working in the tire industry at member companies.

Anudeep Bhoopalam, who worked on the project “Pneumatic Tire Performance on Ice”, obtained his PhD this summer and began working for the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and the National Tire Research Center. He will soon be joining GITI Tire at their Akron Technical Center

Yaswanth Siramdasu, who worked on the project “Discrete and FE Tire Model for Antilock Braking System Simulation”, also received his PhD this summer.  Yaswanth now works in Hankook Tire’s Akron Technical Center.

Mehran Motamedi completed his project “Multiscale Modeling of Tire-Road Contact and Adhesion”, and obtained his PhD in September.  He now works at Bridgestone Americas in their Technical Center in Akron.

Kuya Takami, who worked on the project “Experimental Tire Noise”, received his PhD in October.  He currently is working in a Post-Doctoral position at Virginia Tech.