Center for Tire Research
An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center



CenTiRe held its semi-annual Industry Advisory Board (IAB) meeting November 9-10 in Akron, Ohio.  The main focus of the meeting is on the research work, both in the review of current research projects and beginning the process to select new research proposals for future work. 

Graduate students conducting the current projects showed their research work via presentations and posters.  IAB members were able to provide feedback, ask questions, and offer suggestions following each presentation and also during the poster session.  The meeting provides our industry members, faculty, and students an excellent opportunity for interaction and discussion. 

In response to the industry members’ Request for Proposals document, faculty at Virginia Tech and the University of Akron submitted 28 proposals.  A short form proposal and accompanying poster at the meeting allowed the IAB to interact with the faculty to review the proposed research work.  Based on this review, the IAB selected 15 of these proposals for submission of a long form proposal, which will provide more detailed information.  

The IAB also took up several items of business on the Center Bylaws and membership procedures.  Decisions were made to refine procedures and offer guidance to the Center Directors as they interact with potential new members.

Tours of several of the labs at the University of Akron were conducted to interested industry members at the close of the meeting.