Center for Tire Research
An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


    The Biannual Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting for the Center for Tire Research (CenTiRe) took place in Akron, Ohio November 17-18. The meeting started with an evening reception on November 16th, followed by two days of meetings, a poster session, and social periods. During the meetings, graduate students presented their research work and results from the past 6 months on their industry funded projects. The students, faculty, and industry members have worked hand in hand during that time period to make sure each project is maintaining progress and focused on its goals. Each current project also displayed a poster to showcase the work performed. This poster session provided another opportunity for interaction between the industry members, faculty, and students.


     In response to the industry members’ Request for Proposal this fall, CenTiRe had 27 new proposals submitted by the faculty at Virginia Tech and the University of Akron! We are extremely happy with the response. Each of the new proposals were offered the opportunity to display a poster at the poster session to provide additional information. Multiple faculty members also attended the poster session and discussed their proposals with the industry members. Closing up the meeting was the industry members’ decision on which new proposals would be asked to generate and submit a full proposal. In the next meeting, June 2015, the IAB will decide which new proposals will be funded and become a part of CenTiRe.


 Group Picture 2014 IAB Meeting


Starting from the Left: Managing Director: Dr. Ronald Kennedy and Directors: Dr. Saied Taheri and Dr. Celal Batur


Starting from the Left: Dr. Pablo Tarazaga and his graduate student Sriram Malladi












Starting from the Left: Dr. Kennedy and Qian Li during a discussion about Qian Li and Dr. Romesh Batra's Project 


Nicole Swason presenting results from the Project: Surface Engineering Approach for Enhanced Filler Dispersion and Hysteresis Reduction in Rubber Compounds













Starting from Left: Program Support: Ashlin Jackson, Director: Dr. Saied Taheri, and Graduate Students: Mehran Motamedi and Yaswanth Siramdasu 











Emilio Jimenez and Anudeep Bhoopalam discussing their new proposal with an industry member














Bryon Todd showcasing his poster for his project with Dr. Tomo Furukawa












From Left: Sunish Vadakkeveetil and Qinan Li showcasing their new proposal