Center for Tire Research
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Suspension Team 2014-2013

The Suspension design team of 2013-2014 was funded by General Motors (GM) to design and fabricate a quarter-car suspension rig in the Centire lab. The equipment will be used to validate novel control algorithms of semi-active suspensions. There were a total of 10 undergraduate students who worked relentlessly to accomplish the tasks set forth by Omid Ghasemalizadeh, the PhD student who mentored them to design, analyze, manufacture, and calibrate the rig. The reason for designing a piece of equipment such as this is due to the automotive industry pushing the research world to develop new technologies of suspensions, which led to the semi-active suspensions concept. The Suspension design team was able to make this concept a reality this year and displayed their rig at the Senior Design Teams Showcase in fall of 2014.

susp. 3

Digitial drawing of the suspension rig.

susp. 2

The final product!