The Center’s cooperative program research projects are integrated into four (4) highly interdisciplinary research thrust areas that cover a broad spectrum of tire science and engineering. These are tire Materials, Modeling, Manufacturing, and Testing.


Use of new advanced materials that can enhance the performance of the tire and reduce the rolling resistance is of high value to the tire and automotive companies. The new technologies and relevant technical base to drive development of competitive technologies in polymer and nano materials for advanced, high performance tires will be the main focus of this research thrust area.


Molecular modeling, constitutive modeling, tire-road interaction modeling, physical and empirical tire modeling, road profiling and modeling, and use of these models in a tire or tire/vehicle simulation that can provide improvements in tire and tire/vehicle performance.


The new materials that will be developed require new and state of the art manufacturing processes that requires research.  Existing manufacturing process can also be improved for efficiency, quality, and environmental impact.


Developing test equipment and procedures to enhance or simplify the research associated with material, tire, and tire/vehicle development.  Test development will also allow for simulation model validation and provide improved insight into the understanding of tires.