All projects performed at CenTiRe are selected, mentored, and reviewed by our industry members.  Projects can span 1-3 years, and so we have projects completing while others are continuing or just starting. 
Projects that are now wrapping up are:

  • “A Novel Methodology for Durability Assessment of Tire Materials”, Dr. Erol Sancaktar, University of Akron
  • “Towards a self-powered structural health-monitoring smart tire”, Dr. Pablo Tarazaga, Virginia Tech
  • “Surface Engineering Approach for Enhanced Filler Dispersion and Hysteresis Reduction in Rubber Compounds”, Dr. Sadhan Jana and Dr. Coleen Pugh, University of Akron
  • “In situ nanofiller formation during tire rubber compounding”, Dr. Justin Barone, Virginia Tech

A wrap-up online meeting will be held for each, with all industry members invited to attend.  Notifications will be sent out before each meeting.  Final reports and project deliverables will be received and made available to our industry members.
Projects that are underway and are continuing into the next project year are:

  • “Characterization and molecular modeling of filler-polymer interface”, Dr. Yalin Dong and Dr. Jiahua Zhu, University of Akron
  • “CFD of Air-related Noise Generation Mechanisms at the Tire/Road Interface”, Dr. Abhilash Chandy, University of Akron
  • “Modulating silica-rubber interface by biorenewable urushiol-derived silanes”, Dr. Li Jia and Dr. Gary Hamed, University of Akron, and Dr. John Jelesko, Virginia Tech
  • “Modeling strain-energy distributions and failure properties for idealized particle dispersions and interfaces in filled elastomers”, Dr. David Simmons, University of Akron
  • “Tire-pavement noise modeling and correlation with experiments”, Dr. Ricardo Burdisso and Dr. Corina Sandu, Virginia Tech
  • “Multiscale modeling of tire wear”, Dr. Saied Taheri, Virginia Tech
  • “Static and operational characterization of tires modal vibration with novel non-contact techniques”, Dr. Pablo Tarazaga, Virginia Tech
  • “Tire-ice model validation and comparative analysis of tractive performance of tires on ice”, Dr. Corina Sandu, Virginia Tech

One new project has been selected by the IAB and will begin in August:

  • “Very high frequency testing of tire tread compounds for improved prediction of wet traction performance”, Dr. Siamak Farhad, University of Akron