Center for Tire Research
An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


The CenTiRe IAB members want to recognize the excellent work being done by the students involved in the CenTiRe funded projects.  Part of this recognition is the giving of awards based on evaluations conducted by the IAB members at the recent IAB meeting. Ratings were given of the student’s technical work, presentation, and answers to questions.  Awards given to students at the recent IAB meeting are:

Best Overall Presentation: Emilio Jimenez, Aamir Khan, “Tire-ice model validation and comparative analysis of tractive performance of tires on ice”


Best New Project Presentation: Xuesong Yan, Cody Dickinson, “Modulating silica-rubber interface by biorenewable urushiol-derived silanes”


Best Team Presentation: Anahita Emami, Sunish Vadakkeveetil, Chuang Su, ”Multi-scale modeling of tire wear”

Students received several donated items from our member companies.  Congratulations to our winners, and thank-you to all students for a job well done.