The organization and management structure provides (1) strong interaction and collaboration among Virginia Tech and the University of Akron research components and (2) involves each of the Center’s combined research faculties and participating members in as much of the decision making process as possible. The policy and research decisions are consistent with the policies of the two parent Universities and the spirit of cooperative research. Within these constraints, the faculty and participants, acting in-concert, determine the research activities, policies, and future directions of the Center. 

The Center is lead by a Director (Dr. Saied Taheri) and Site Directors (Dr. Saied Taheri at Virginia Tech and Dr. Celal Batur at the University of Akron).  A Managing Director (Dr. Ron Kennedy) provides administrative oversight to the Center.

Through participation in the Industry Advisory Board (IAB), Member companies and government agencies provide direction to the Center leadership.  They also collectively request proposals from faculty at the two Universities and select research projects to be funded by their shared membership fees.