The following goals were established to accomplish the Center’s mission:

  • Promote close interaction among VT and Akron researchers to develop an interdisciplinary research program in materials and processing with emphasis on developing new areas of tire technology such as nanostructured particles and surfaces
  • Forge collaborative research alliances with outstanding researchers from other universities to bring in talent and expertise to compliment the Center’s Research
  • Develop new science, technology and novel concepts to help the tire and tire-related industries leap into the future
  • Serve as an in-depth, expert resource for tire science and technology
  • Transfer and exchange knowledge/technology and inventions to the Center’s industrial members and Government supporters
  • Contribute to tire science education, by training and educating students including providing them exposure to industrial technology and industrial research procedures
  • Become a focal point for networking in tire and allied areas of science and technology for exchange of ideas and to identify global needs and opportunities.

The CENTIRE vision and mission statements and goals guide the future direction of the Center’s research program.